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trans_of_quotes's Journal

Aphorism it is phrase which gnawed to thought. (c) Boris Krutier, Russia

translate of quotes
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Hello, everyone! It comunity dedicate of translate of quotes (thoughts, aphorisms, jokes (too ridiculous very short stories), quotes from books/films and anecdotes) of different people with different language on English and Russian.
When you do post, you must:
1. Find quote (thought, aphorism, joke, anecdote, proverb) in book/magazine/newspaper or on site.
2. Translate it (IT MUST BE JUST ON ORIGINAL LANGUAGE!) on English or Russian.
3. Title of post is a) name of person who said our quote b) anecdote (if you do not know author of it) c) proverb with indicate of country (for example, latin peroverb, german proverb and etc.)d) Tittle of book/film.
NOTE! You must write title on English or Russian (but name on original, title of book/film on original and on Eglish/Russian).
4. Then you print quotes in original (you must print language of it quote) with link on it in Internet (or print title of book/magazine/newspaper (too № page in it, if you know) where you found it).
5. Then you print translate of it quote (English or Russian/English and Russian).
6. Post have done!

Example http://community.livejournal.com/trans_of_quotes/1495.html

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